hey beautiful friends! I know life can be tough sometimes and pretty busy. Some of us have school, work, sports, and other responsibilities that can take up soo much time out of our day. Sometimes the enemy can use school, work, etc. as a distraction to distract us from God and spending time with Him because we are busy and “don’t have time”. Believe it or not, we can still stay close to Jesus and continue to grow our bond with Him while having a busy schedule.

If you didn’t know already, I’m a senior in high school and this year is tough because it is my last year and I have had and still have so much schoolwork to get done. Sometimes I get stressed out and the enemy has tried to use that to distract me from the Lord, but he will never prevail. Since I started my relationship with God back in April 2020, I was scared that I wouldn’t have time to spend time with God during the school year that was coming up because of homework and assignments. I remember last year, my junior year, I always said that I never had time for God because of school, and that’s not enough excuse. When my senior year started, It was hard having school along with having gymnastics, but I eventually realized that you have time, you just need to make time and sacrifice for Jesus and I did! So, I would love to share with you my daily schedule on how I spend time with God and continue to build our relationship everyday while during the school year because I know this can help some people by God’s grace and it is possible!!



The very first thing that I do to start off my day is starting it off with spending time with God. This is so important because we should put God first always in every thing that we do in this life. God didn’t have to wake me up that morning but He chose to, so it’s so important to me that I spend time with Him first before I begin my day. With having school, I sacrificed my sleep time by waking up 30 min earlier. I’m not perfect, there has been some instances where I have slept through my alarm and woke up a bit later haha:). But when I did wake up later, I still spent time with Him. So, I always say, “Good morning God, thank you for waking me up today.” Then I proceed to reading the bible, highlighting and taking notes. After that, I pray and talk to God, then I start to get ready for school. Waking up earlier has helped me because I have enough time to spend time with God then get ready. You honestly just have to find a time that’s best for you.


I started this new habit and it’s praying before every single class. Before I start my first class for the day, I pray. I first thank God and then I pray that He guides and leads me throughout the day and I rebuke anxiety, fear, worry, and etc. and pray about anything that’s on my mind or bothering me. I do this before almost every class and it has helped a lot.


Most of the time when I have breaks during class, I talk to God and tell Him how my day is going so far, even if He knows because our God is a relational God. He wants to talk with us, He wants to build that bond with us. Even though He knows how our day has been going, He wants us to communicate with Him. Another thing I do is when my teachers let me off to go work independently on my assignments, I would listen to worship music while doing my work! I really suggest this idea, it’s so much fun to listen to worship music while doing my assignments instead of listening to secular music. It helps me to get my work done faster without stressing out about it much and just feeling the Lord’s presence knowing He is guiding my academics and He’s always right besides me. After the school day is done, I always make sure to talk to God and recap my day of school. Then I pray and sometimes worship. After spending time with God, I then take break just to refresh my mind from doing any schoolwork and go spend time with family and do other activities.

♡ Some of my favorite current worship songs!!: Raised to Life by Elevation worship, Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells, and Battle Belongs by Phil Wickham


Once my break is over, I do my homework for the evening and then I go eat dinner. After dinner, I have my night time routine with God. I do the same things that I do in the mornings; I start off with talking to God and/or prayer, I worship, and then I read the word of God. After this special time, I usually finish any remaining homework, if I have any. If I don’t, I just relax and then I spend time with God one more last time before I go to sleep. I always try to make sure God is the first person I talk to when I wake up and the last person I talk to before I go to bed. I love doing this so much because it helps me to connect with God after having a long day and I thank Him for the beautiful day He has made. Before I sleep, I tell God about my whole day and I pour out my heart to Him. Sometimes I worship because I love worshipping! I then read aloud Psalm 23 before I go to sleep. I’m telling you guys, Psalm 23 is an amazing and powerful short chapter in the book of Psalms, if you haven’t read it or know it, you should definitely read it!! ♡

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. It’s so important to spend time with God every single day, even if we are “busy” because the truth is we can always make time for Him, He always makes time for us. Instead of scrolling on your phone for hours, you can really use that time to spend time with God. It doesn’t hurt to spend at least 10 minutes with Him everyday, try to strive for more! If we choose not to spend time with God, God didn’t have to choose to wake us up or keep us alive that day but He loves us so much that He gives us so many chances. So, use that chance to spend time with Him if you aren’t already. We never know what tomorrow holds and God is more important than school, work, and anything in this life. I’m not saying don’t care about school and work or other responsibilities, but don’t put it above God. Put God first in everything that you do and in your life! Everything in this life is temporary but God is forever! Amen ♡

Love Bea ♡

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