In today’s society, it is so easy to get caught up in this broken world and wanting to fit in super badly. We get tricked by thinking that this world will fulfill us and we try so hard to get affirmation from people and things.. but the truth is this world will never ever satisfy us and will always disappoint us. But God is the only one who you can seek your worth in because he will never leave you nor forsake you and he never disappoints. We, humans, will always disappoint each other because we are broken and sinful (Romans 3:23 ♡) , which makes a broken and sinful world.

Finding your worth in this world means your finding your worth in the things of this world like seeking your value from people, relationships, money, social media, how many friends you have, etc. (trust me been there, done that). And why do we do this? Why do we try so hard to fit in or get our validation from others? I think it’s because we don’t want to feel left out/lonely, we want to be a part of everything, and we sometimes want to follow the crowd. That’s normal because we are humans, but honestly why try so hard if none of these things will matter at the end of the day expect Jesus? There is no point in putting our worth in a world that’s only going to give us temporary satisfactions.

So, how do we stop seeking our worth from others & the world but seek it from God? I’m going to give you some advice :))


The number one thing you need to do is put your focus on God and not people. Focus on God by spending time with him by getting in his word more. When you get into God’s word you’ll see and understand that God really cares for his people (us!) and loves them so much. We know this because he sent his one and only Son (Jesus) to die for us and our sins and if we put our faith in Jesus, we may have eternal life in heaven with our Father. (John 3:16 ♡) Once you start and continue to focus on God’s word, you are going to focus on what he thinks of you. Once you live for the Lord, you are going to focus on what he values about you. God thinks of us so highly because we are his beautiful creations and his children. We should want to get our value from the one who created us and knows everything about us. So, keep your focus on God and live for him, it will help you to care less about what the world thinks about you. You can only find true happiness in God.


“I will praise you because I have been remarkably and wondrously made. Your works are wondrous, and I know this very well.” – Psalm 139:14 ♡. God created us beautifully and his works are marvelous!! There’s no need for us to compare ourselves to others, how many social media followers/likes we have, if people like us or not, or to try hard seek others opinions about us and the list goes on. Just remember that God created you, he knows you, he made you beautiful, and rely on what he says about you! Find your worth in the one who created you perfectly in his own perfect image.


We try so hard to seek our worth from this world but the truth is this world is temporary. Even us (humans) are temporary. I read in James the other day, “For you are like vapor that appears for a little while, then vanishes.” – James 4:14 ♡. This verse is referring that you never know what tomorrow will bring or what your life will be. So, full send you life for Jesus and not people! Because if this world is temporary, we shouldn’t seek our worth in it’s temporary opinions. It’s not going to matter at the end of the day, what’s going to matter is if we lived our life for God. We should seek our worth in God who lives and reigns forever. Also, remember that the devil wants you to seek your worth and value in the things of the world, but God doesn’t. In fact, it’s hurts him , he doesn’t want us to seek our value from the world but only in Him because He truly love us and created us. One last thing I want to add is I like to think about this: Will this matter 5 years from now? It probably won’t , so I shouldn’t care about what they think of me or what they are going to say about me rather I should care about what my creator says/thinks about me.


No matter how hard you try, you can never satisfy the world’s expectations. I know I said this earlier, but this world’s standards will just leave you unfulfilled and people and things will always end up disappointing you because our world is full of sin. But God, He never fails! He will never disappoint you. So, cast your cares onto him because he cares for you! (1 Peter 5:6-7 ♡). Finding your worth in a world full of sin will only leave you to be hurt. Finding your worth in God, who loves you way more than you can imagine, will leave you to finding peace, comfort, and true fulfillment. When you find your value in God, you are not going to care too much about what others think about you, but about what God thinks about you. You aren’t going to care about what others say, but what God says. You are not going to care too much if that person doesn’t love you, because you know that God loves you. God is enough for all of us and we need to lean on him always.

I hope you’ve learned something from this ;)). I understand in our current generation, it’s easy to want to impress everyone around us and want everyone to like/love us. Easier said than done, but trust me it’s a process to find your worth completely in God just keep praying and keep your eyes on him! I’m here if you wanna talk!

Love Bea ♡


  1. Finding your self worth in God and not in the world was great to read. I learned a lot from the message. Also, I agree that the things of this world and humans are only temporary, so why depend on them to get validation or worth when God is the permanent and everlasting. Thank you so much for the message. God bless you Amen.

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